CCC Diagnostics, LLC (CCCD)

CCC Diagnostics, LLC (CCCD) is a molecular diagnostic company focused on establishing drug response predictions as guides for selection of effective chemotherapy treatment.

Utilizing its specialized diagnostic service, CCCD assists physicians in designing personalized treatment regimens for patients fighting breast cancer. In addition, tests for patients with lung, colon, gastric, esophageal and pancreatic cancers are in development; combined, these cancers are responsible for 56% of the annual cancer deaths in the United States.

CCCD’s proprietary platform technology DirectHit™ Drug Response Indicator Test Panel, analyzes an individual patient’s tumor in order to indicate the drug sensitivity/resistance to FDA-approved, National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommended chemotherapy drugs currently on the market.

The DirectHit™ Drug Response Indicator Test Panel allows physicians to prescribe effective drugs and to exclude ineffective drug treatments, optimize use of the time window for treatment and reduce side effects, all resulting in prolonged patient survival and significant financial healthcare savings.

Recently, CCCD has launched a CLIA compliant testing laboratory to market the DirectHit™ Drug Response Indicator Test Panel for Breast Cancer as a diagnostic service. The DirectHit™ Drug Response Indicator Test Panel for Breast Cancer is the only predictive treatment outcome test service marketed for commonly prescribed anti-breast cancer chemotherapy drugs.

CCCD was formed in 2004 by a core group of former Johns Hopkins University researchers whose combined distinguished careers cover 90+ years of leadership in biophysics, oncology and imaging. The company’s mission is to aid physicians in establishing a personalized treatment regime for individual cancer patients by establishing drug response prediction for selection of effective chemotherapy. CCCD is dedicated to “saving lives and life savings”.